Avoiding Scams

Scam or Legitimate?

Ever wondered whether Affiliate Marketing is scam or legitimate industry? I asked myself this same question when I was looking into it over 10 years ago. Affiliate Marketing is a legitimate industry, but there are scams out there that you need to look out for.

No fees on Affiliate Marketing

There are generally no fees to become an affiliate marketer, but there will usually be a fee to join a training platform, for example, Wealthy Affiliate. A training platform helps you become successful and teaches you the necessary skills to start your website.

Joining an Affiliate Program with a supplier, for example, with Amazon is usually FREE.

If you’re being charged to join an Affiliate Program with a supplier, then you should probably think this through twice, especially when many other companies are charging nothing for you to promote their products.

Due Diligence

Like with anything that you venture into, do it with due diligence. If you want to join a platform of Affiliate Marketers to help you succeed online, find out costs whether it’s a one-off or monthly subscription. What supports are in place to help you succeed, how accessible they are, is it a secret society or do members willingly share their methods that have worked for them?

What product are they selling?

If you are joining a platform, find out what products or service they are selling. If they are not being transparent about this, it’s probably because they have none and it’s just another scheme that moves money around and no one is actually learning anything (except to hoodwink people) and the person at the top benefits from it.


If an Affiliate Marketing platform program sounds too good to be true it probably is. Get-rich-quick schemes is nothing else but a scam. It elevates the hopes of unsuspecting people by promising to earn you thousands of dollars within a few days or weeks. Affiliate Marketing doesn’t happen overnight. There are a few things to learn and this can’t happen within a short space of time. My advice, stay away from them. The worse case scenario is if you fall for these get-rich-quick schemes, you build up your income around it and it gets shutdown by a regulatory body, your income is gone.

Put in the hard work to building a sustainable online income with legitimate programs.

Learning New Skills

A good Affiliate Marketing program will teach you new skills that will stay with you. It should teach you how to start building your website, post up links, find out what sells, creating your own niche market, teach you how search engines work to get rankings, social engagement and many more.

If it’s teaching you to exaggerate the truth and tell lies about your lifestyle (when it’s not the truth), then that’s not a new and sustainable skill. It’s nothing but a scam.

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