Solo vs Community

To solo or not to solo

This is the question you need to ask yourself.

So you’ve decided you want to be an affiliate marketer. You’ve got a lot to share online and you’re excited to get started.

How do you go about it?

Do you go on your own and pick up tips from You Tubers?

Do you enroll yourself in a website building course that can cause you a minimum of $1,000 to learn the basics?

Do you want to muddle your way through it solo, hoping that your online business picks up traction and get that income coming in?

Do you rush online and pay for your own domain and monthly hosting? (like me)

OR…. do you want to learn off others and be part of a community of successful affiliate marketers?

Two is better than one

You’ve heard the saying ‘two is better than one’. But what about a multitude of people with hundreds of years experience combined, successful in affiliate marketing?

This is what Wealthy Affiliate offers you! Thousands of affiliate marketers who have gone through the training, have applied tried and true methods to make their business work. They are enjoying the work-from-home, work anywhere and laptop lifestyle. They have resigned from their 9-5 jobs and have joined the masses that are earning an income online. Don’t worry there’re billions of people in the planet, so there’s plenty of niche products and topics and money to go around.


What Wealthy Affiliate offers

WA offers you a community of people to support, encourage and help you start your website. Their training platform is one I have never seen before, detailed and effective.

You can join at a Starter Level, which is FREE or at Premium level for USD19.00 for the first month and USD49 per month thereafter. They have huge savings when paying yearly too. If you decide to stay at Starter level, don’t worry, the platform won’t kick you out.

How much would you pay for your domain name and hosting every month if going solo? Between USD40-USD50 per month for one site? Wealthy Affiliate on the Premium level offers you 50 websites. Yes that’s right 50 websites.

Here’s the bonus, you will have at your fingertips all the training you could need to start your website from the experts themselves.

A really AMAZING opportunity. 

But don’t just believe me, take a look around and see for yourself the benefits of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate.  

Get you free website here…

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