Transparency is the Key


Transparency is the key to Affiliate Marketing – Not all Affiliate Marketing is the same

As I was mindlessly staring at my Facebook timeline, I noticed one of my friends sharing her business page, she was apparently livin’ the dream with the help of her online business. Well I got really curious about it, not excited, but curious. I finally decided to have a poke around the ‘secret’ group she invited me to months before.

Everyone on that group was sharing what fantastic amounts of money they were making on their online business. Now, as a full-time worker, tired of the grind day in, day out, I was absolutely excited about this online business. I had to find out more! I wanted to have my own online business, live on my own terms, ditch the job and be home for the kids after the school. My hopes were skyrocketing. I wanted that laptop lifestyle!

I started to ask questions about it, but the answer was join the 14-day trial and you’ll learn all about it. Nothing was said about creating your niche, marketing your niche product or similar. I watched a few videos of successful ‘affiliate marketers’, they were all raving about how good their online business is, how much money it was making them, they have never seen anything like it, that I had to join the 14-day trial to find out – after the 14-day trial it was going to cost me USD90.00 per month. I suppose that amount is small compared to the income it will bring me and my friends are talking it up, right?

Well, by this time, my interest was really increasing, but still had reservations. So I decided to have a look at this great online business to check it out.

What I found out

It is indeed an online marketing business. You post about the wonderful life you’re having and that you’re making a lot of money from it. Even when it’s NOT THE TRUTH. The reality is you’ve got $1.00 sitting in your bank account, but hey you’re making lots of money from this online business and if you want the same, just join for USD90 per month! I wondered why people were struggling in the videos to start off their online business!  They were being told to start with something that wasn’t real for them. You get a referral free for people who sign up on an ongoing basis. The USD90.00 is for a social and mentorship fee. It’s to train you how to tell people what a fantastic business you have (even when it’s not the truth). If that sits well with you go for it! But most people need transparency before signing their credit card over.

The product they are associated with is water filtration system between $2,000-$5,000 per unit. Apparently, you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want it.

So I politely declined my friend’s invitation and removed myself from the group. Their business model wasn’t for me.

What is real Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is advertising or recommending a product on your own website and getting an advertising fee for it.

If you are looking for an online gig for extra income, then I encourage you to try Wealthy Affiliate who provides you with a free website as a start. The platform helps you build a step-by-step guide to build up your website. Then you can join as a Premium member if you want to be taken seriously as an online blogger and have a pumping e-commerce business. If you decide not to be a Premium member, the platform doesn’t kick you out. You can stay in there and still learn.

The best part of Wealthy Affiliate? You get a referral fee from WA for helping others do the same thing you’re doing. BOOM! Another source of income, just for helping others.

You don’t need to hand your credit card over either. It’s all risk FREE. I have now built my own websites, Living with Fibromyalgia, Games and Consoles and The Savvy Affiliate. The best part about being with Wealthy Affiliate? I am learning a new skill of building a website. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s an honest and sustainable income and may take a few months for it to gain traction.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is full of successful affiliate marketers who willingly share their tips for success. There is no shroud of secrecy whatsoever. It’s a community of building others up. Try it for yourself. Like I said, there is nothing to lose and lots to gain.

I look forward to seeing you on Wealthy Affiliate.




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